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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Impractically large sketch dump, part one

Turns out that when you combine a somewhat boring job with large files over a network, there is a lot of time spent staring into space. Eventually you stare at space so hard it starts to tear, and since I don't want to get blamed for the next time some tentacular horror bursts through the fabric of reality, I have put that time to use by drawing things. Silly silly things.

Actually I think I drew this page before I got bored at work. Oh those were the days, when instead of sitting at work all day sketching I would instead sit in my office all day sketching.

This one too maybe? Look, time is a difficult concept when most of your days are spent doing the same thing five times over because reasons. But hey, look, it's a robot knight thing. It robots and it knights, all at the same time. Oh the marvels of technology.

Oh wait, this is from the previous job, the one that was exciting. I tend to forget that all jobs involve lots of staring off into space. The tentacular horrors? They never forget. They wait. Hence swords and car things. The car thing is to flee in terror when the sword fails miserably.

Helmets. Helmets are pretty cool. At some point I'll just start wearing one in public. Eventually it'll catch on, and then mankind will prosper in its behelmeted metal glory, only to be wiped out by one inconvenient thunderstorm because wearing pointy metal hats in dodgy weather is not exactly the most optimal evolutionary strategy.

Yes, his shoulder patch says A-1. He's a barbecue sauce collector. Turns out they only made like three gallons of the stuff, so whenever someone eats it, collectors are sent to retrieve it by any means necessary. It involves techno-turkey-baster-looking tools as you can see.

You thought impractical pointy helmets were cool? Get a load of impractical techno helmets! It's got even more metals bits and bobs that get in the way and attract that ire of the lightning gods. Yes, all of them, except Thor. He's really big into metal helmets, which is a fact no one would have ever suspected.

I draw a lot of these desert garage things. They're actually all in a line, fixing cars in sequence as they continually break down from their expertly calculated shoddy work.

By the time science invents holographic locator thingies, we'll have lost the technology to make helmets that allow you to turn your head. Hence the need for all the holographic locator thingies.

Skeletons and robots. It's like a thing that combines with another thing to make a better thing. If only there was some sort of well known analogy to describe this sort of thing.

Technomug. That is all.

I keep drawing things that can only move in straight lines. That's right, I hold the firm belief that large people, waterfalls, leaves, bicycles and floating heads can't turn.

I got nothing for this one.

Jar Brain and Crocosnake! They fight crime! Well not at the moment as Crocosnake enjoys delicious ice cream, but eventually crime is fought. The efficiency of said fighting remains in question.

That's what pirates will look like in the future. I know, it is a bleak, bleak future indeed.

This government loudspeaker robot is there to warn the people that there is a spitting floating skull about. See, the government cares. Also I am now somewhat disappointed that my tax dollars don't go towards putting robotic spider legs on things.

Completely unrelated, but I sort of forgot to eat.

Viking spider bot is not in fact a spider bot. It's what happens to technovikings when they get beheaded, which is why no one ever beheads technovikings.

Stay tuned for part two, because apparently jobs are a thing you need to keep showing up to every day.
I know, I was as shocked as you when they told me.

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