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Monday, August 12, 2013

sketch round-up 25

Doot dee doot.

Tuesday sketch! No, other tuesday. Yes. A large helmet suit person-thing, because nothing says 'science' like an impossibly large head.

Wednesday! More science!


Friday! So much science, it hurts. Also, science sometimes looks like candy as Sam pointed out.

Saturday! No science here. Just a mustache. Anything else is merely a figment of your imagination.

Sunday! See, there was so little science in that last one that we have regressed back to medieval times, and medieval times are full of really tiny oddly proportioned people for some reason.

Monday. Army mans/womans with large heads, because armymanning is a thinking man's jerb.

I lost track of the weeks.

Monday, August 5, 2013

sketch round-up 24: sketchpocalysp

The daily sketches, they pile up. One day, the sketches will blot out the sun.
Then we will sketch in the shade.

Eventually we may have to go get some lamps or something though, because sketching in the shade is really straining on the eyes.
Anyway, here is my contribution to the impending sketchpocalysp:

Monday! Dr. Jones! No, not that Dr Jones. The other one. That one.

Sunday! A creature thing that looks like a pokemon. Getting sued in 3...2...1...

Saturday! Robobirdunicycle! Unicylobird! I don't know!

Friday! Once more, a glorious armored crotch.


Wednesday! A lady person! And Face!

Tuesday! A lizard man robot person! May or may not also be a lady, it's hard to tell with lizard man robot people.

Monday again! Yes, mondays are a thing that keeps happening. This one was made in a truck stop while eating the world's most amazing chicken sandwich.

Sunday! More travel sketches! This one was in a slightly larger truck stop.

Saturday! Metro sketches!

Friday! Bus sketches!

THORSDAY AGAIN! No vehicles were involved, unless someone turned my building into a vehicle while I wasn't looking, which would be awesome and now makes me sad that it isn't the case. Aw.

Wednesday! More lady persons! And a creepy hand.

All caught up.
Week ten? Eleven? I can't tell anymore. It's kind of hard to see with all these sketches in the way.