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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

sketch round-up 23: The Sketchening

Hello. How are you? Good? Good.
I will now drown you in sketches. I'm sorry.

Yesterday sketch! That's monday dudes.

Sunday sketch! Amazing dinobots! They are dinosaurs, yet also robots! Exclamation mark!

Saturday sketch! Skullship skullship skullship skullship skullship! SKULLSHIP.

Friday sketch! It's not krang! I don't know what it is, but it's not krang.

THORSDAY! Yes, it is another viking axebot. You can't have enough of those.

Wednesday sketch! Assorted sketchiness! Includes a man without guts or pants, because if you're missing one you might as well do without the other.

Tuesday sketch! A castle that has wi-fi for sure, but it probably has the longest, most annoying password ever.

Monday sketch! A lady with a scythe! Why does she have a scythe? Who knows! Maybe she's going to a birthday party and needs to cut a really unwieldy cake?

Sunday sketch! LOOK AT THAT CODPIECE. That is all.

Saturday sketch! I was watching them cartoons from the Japan. They were okay. Also dinosaur.

Friday sketch! I dunno what's up with this dude, I think he's sad cos his head is weird.


Wednesday sketches! Yes there are two. I felt like only drawing a man with teeth for pubes was not very nice, so I drew some pirate looking ladies and stuff too.

Tuesday sketch! A couple of kunigets marking the official beginning of DAILY SCATCHING TWENTY THIR-TEEN.

In case you hadn't figured it out by now, I am posting daily sketches on my tumblr. Well, I'm drawing them daily, I sort of post them whenever I get around to scanning them, which doesn't happen nearly as often (but no one seems to have noticed yet, so I shouldn't have said anything. Dangit).
So far so good. How long can I keep this one going? I think the record last time was nine weeks, so only eight more weeks to do before I can throw my hands in the air and decide to become a mason.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

sketch round-up 22

Sketching is a thing that never stops happening. What does stop happening though is my scanner working. Mr HP Photosmart here has decided that it no longer likes pencil drawings, because clearly scanners are too classy for mere pencil. They require ink.

So here are some sketches from the last week or two. At this point there are more sketches, but sketchbooks are rapidly multiplying in my apartment and half of them I can't actually scan from because they don't have the ring binder thingies (Mr HP Photosmart requires ink and ring binders. He's much too classy for this household).


Astronautish looking peoples!

Science cyborg looking peoples!

Bread knife injuries! Happens more often than you think.

A skinny dudebro. I dunno.

I can't see what's on this one because mr scanner is an asshole.

Marginally visible sword dude, and invisible pencil things!

Skulls and stuff. There may be invisible pencil skulls, but that's alright. Invisible skulls are all around us at all times, so this feels accurate. There's at least three invisible skulls in your room right now.

And that is it for this week. Perhaps by next week I'll have fixed the scanner, or a fairy godmother will come and turn it into a real boy when I'm not looking. This would be great though, because then it would have a face I could punch.