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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Things of the week 3

Well, more like "weeks"
There is more sketching than this but I am lazy and my scanner is the devil (also they are in my unscannable sketchbook because it doesn't have those fancy ring binder thingies).

A dude who is having a very long day. This is basically what I look like when I'm doing overtime: Covered in blood and tattered underpants. It's probably why people don't ask me to do overtime anymore.

A shot from the film I was working on a long time ago (still working on that, just very very very slowly) that I decided to cut, so instead I made it into this thing. Omy!

Screamy faces! They are fun.

Dinosaur faces! Just like screamy faces, but with a lot more teeth, and possibly less screaming. I don't think dinosaurs can scream, it all goes into the 'roar' category. Maybe a scream is just a really wimpy roar though.

A really bad portrait.
I had one of those days when I forgot how to paint things, and this happened. BEHOLD, FAILURE.

Also I found this thing.
I have no idea what it is.

Soon, there will be more things.
They may be moving things.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Things of the week 2

Things from last week.
Maybe even the week before, my grasp of time is tenuous at best.

Barbarians and metal dudes.

More metal dudes. I was playing BrĂ¼tal Legend, it's hard to not be excited about metal after that.

And now, a bunch of studies where I try to do fancy things with brushes, and end up with completely not fancy things and no brushes (because I forgot to save them. I am great at the photoshops).

An old sketch I painted over to see what would happen. Purple happened.

A door! Where it goes, nobody knows.

A building! So bland and boring I think I fell asleep and stopped there.

A lady with a big nose! In my defense, her nose was above average.

Okay, I have no defense for this one. LOW ANGLES ARE HARD OKAY (Also I'm lazy, never forget that).

A tanky tank tank.

A tanky truck truckerson.

Also, have you played our fantastic downtown game jam game? It is the greatest game, which you can find right here. And find it you should, because it features GIANTS. TALKING. SO EXCITING MY HAND IS LITERALLY GLUED TO THE SHIFT KEY.
Coding magics by technobeanie, art magics by seventysevian, and after one question it should be obvious who was in charge of the dialog (me, it was me you guys).