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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Things of the week

Here are things from this week.
They are very thing-like.


Color test of a whale's insides. I don't know how guts would be carpeting. That's probably why I'm not a mariner.

A robut.

Another robut. Sup.

Tiny dinosaur is all that matters on this page.

I discovered I have a marker that says C.

A dude. Perhaps you know this dude. He is a cool dude.

These eyes, they cry every night, for you.

A breast! Avert your eyes!

That is the end of things for this week.
There may be more things in other weeks, provided there are other weeks. You can never know when the space-time continuum will call it quits and just keep replaying the same week over and over. That is why I eat so many croissants. If the universe decides to make me repeat a week forever, there better be croissants in it.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Dorf and stuff

This is a dorf.
In fact, this is the dorf.

And this is a man with terrible hair.

And this is what is known as the "spartacus face."

More things coming soon-ish. I think.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Captain Narwhal and old things

I did say there would be more Captain Narwhal.
So yay!

And here's a closer look, because it was just supposed to be a drawing of his torso and then things got out of hand (which tends to happen when you have a hook for a hand I guess) and I clumsily added alien death on top.

Don't make up backgrounds on the fly kids, it's not worth it. Also don't do drugs and stay in school, but you can ignore those two as long as you don't do the first one.

And since I can't keep track of where I'm putting things on the interwebs, here's a couple of comics that went up on facebook or tumblr or both a while ago, because spamming the internet with crap is too taxing for my poor brain.

My knee is being a lot more polite these days, but the glove thing happened again last week, because apparently my eyeballs are magnetized or something.