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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Robot With Pipe 2: The Pipening

Like most sequels, this one is kind of crap.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pipe Robot Process video

It's terribly low-res I'm afraid, but you can still see sort of how I paint.

Real-time stream on my channel
But you get to listen to my music, which is the worst (sry).

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Dreaded Pipe Wielding Robot and other stuff

I always thought bunkers lacked the ability to walk up to you and beat you with a pipe, so I decided to fix that shortcoming. Behold, a walking bunker with a pipe:

EDIT: Here's some slight color variations. I can never make up my mind when I finish(ish) something.

This is like the first thing I have painted that isn't an ugly face in forever.
Speaking of ugly faces, have some ugly faces.

Friday, November 2, 2012

sketch round-up 18

I have been busy making things that are not yet things. That didn't leave much time for the making of other things, but I looked through my things and found these things that had been made.
Also I will amaze you with my complete ineptitude for photography. I take bad photography to new heights. I don't need no stinking instagram, my pictures somehow come out red and grainy all on their own.

I found a brush pen that was mostly dead. It seemed appropriate to make skulls with it. Then again, I don't think it's ever inappropriate to make skulls. NEVER.

This is something. I don't know. There are men here, and one of them is not wearing a shirt if that is your thing.

COULD THIS BE? Wizards, WITH GUNS. Yes, I am really bad at taking pictures with my phone. No, I am not scanning these because a) I am lazy, b) I have a vendetta against my scanner, c) I am lazy.

Drawing this one I realized that "Wizards with handguns" are really just fancy angry hobos.

Incidentally, GUNS. Guns are fun to draw.

Also, men with guns. I always end up drawing dudes like this when Johnny We Hardly Knew Ya comes on, which makes me realize that the shuffle on my playlist is terrible because I draw a lot of these.

FACES. And stuff.

Places that are tiny. Are the actual places tiny or are the pictures tiny? You may never know.

Drink and draw from forever ago. This is entirely Jamie's fault, so if anyone's offended by Power Leg Kiwi penis, then direct complaints at him.

And that is all. There are other THINGS, but those may never be seen. Seriously, it's like the Ark of the Covenant, last time a friend caught a glimpse and I spent the afternoon scraping his liquefied remains off the carpet.