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Monday, June 25, 2012

film idea

I am the worst procrastinator. I procrastinate by having ideas that give me additional work.
See, I was supposed to finish a series of illustrations, but I had an idea halfway through and I just had to get some sketches down to be able to get back to the illustrations.

Not pictured: A billion post-it notes scattered around my desk with sketches.

I thought that would help me go back to work on those illustrations, but nooooooo, instead it made me want to test out animation bits, so then this happened:

That stupid run cycle has now gotten completely out of hand with smoke and added bits and bobs, and the illustrations are still not finished.
Priorities, I has them.

sketch round-up 15

Too hot to draw anything last week.
This is what happens when you try anyway.

Rock heds. They are heds. Made of rock.

Sexy times. As you are all aware, sexy times involve butt grabbing, brain robots and burly men.

Army mans.

Army mans 2.

Army mans²

Heds and a rock. Not to be confused with rock heds.


I'm sorry buddy, no one else knows what you are either.


As you can see, it was much too hot to draw anything not crap. I to invest in a walk-in fridge to lock myself in and draw.
There is no way that plan could possibly backfire.

Friday, June 15, 2012

sketch round-up 14

Oh hey it's back.
Because there are sketches to be rounded up.
So here they are, all sketched and rounded.

Friendly aliens!

Odd faces!

Viking Egg, Robot Man and Floating Head. THEY FIGHT CRIME.

"Imagine Robocop. Now imagine he is a komodo dragon."
"A skull with a smiley face. A human face."
This is all you Jamie.

In the future, chicken gets effin' gnarly (but way more delicious).

Going to the park to draw people results in this. I don't know what this says about me or the people at the park.


This is not a warrior. That's just the latest in skeleton fashion. Very fashionable, them skeletons.


Whoa, that sounds like a video game title that would be popular in Japan. Let's make it happen people.

And now back to your regularly scheduled irregular schedule.

Monday, June 4, 2012

manif de bonhommes

I apologize in advance for the aneurysm these puns will give you.

Can you find them? Well, it, because so far only one of them has made it in (but it's there!).
Sam, Caro and Mathieu all have some in there as well (Sam has three. THREE! She wins at cartoon protests), see if you can find 'em.