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Friday, March 30, 2012

sketch round-up 11

The carnival is dead. Long live the carnival. Except the creepy carnival clown, there's always one and it freaks me right the hell out.
The daily sketching mediocrity now goes on my tumblr. Whoa "my tumblr" sounds like some kind of disease. Or possibly some type of eastern european pastry. Hmmmm pastry.

In no particular order, here is last week. Actually there is a particular order, which is the order I just made up. It is very particular, just not very ordered.

I had been whistling Johnny We Hardly Knew Ya for like twenty minutes, then I looked down and this was drawn on my sketchbook. I also received a mysterious email by a man named Johnny, but I hardly knew him so I didn't read it.


Badassterix and... uh... Yeah I can't think of a pun for Obelix. That's alright, puns are the devil's work (I have to do like a billion hail marys for that first one).

Space captain hair. All space captain have hair like that. It's the rigorous training that does it. Also space hair gel.


Lady with strange footwear. Strange regular wear too. In fact strange everything. Strange strange strange. It's a cool word.

Hungry robut. He's hungry because he's got teeth. That's how you can tell something is hungry. Well known fact.

And that's week eleven.
Oh my.

Keen readers (all two of you) may have noticed that I said there would be a new comic page up on tuesday and there isn't. By now you should know that I lie ALL THE TIME. But also, I am doing a run of the comics on the tumblr three times a week, and there will not be new pages until it is caught up. YES. BLAME SOCIAL MEDIA.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

sketch carnival round-up 10

Oh wait, it's not really a sketch carnival round up because I didn't put these up on the sketchblog.
Well, at least I won't have to deal with all the double digits nonsense. Also now I have a tumblr that is eating my soul. I think.

So yeah, here's last week's sketches that I didn't put up because I am wild and unpredictable and you never know what I'm going to do, like not put the sketches on the blog. So wild. And unpredictable.

Techno shaman wiry thing with a skull looking face. I am getting really amazing at this description business.

Thorsday. Buffalo Thorsday. I think.

This is probably the future of 3D glasses.

There are wires in that head. WIRES IN THE HEAD. That's a common problem in the distant future.

This is probably what you end up like if all you do is adventure all the time.

Lizard thang.

This feels like a pokemon. It's not a pokemon. Unless someone wants to give me money for it, then it is whatever you want it to be.

Oh well. It was a good run.
Now I am already late two days.

Friday, March 23, 2012

page 21

Oh yes, we're back on schedule.
Yes yes.
I think.
Next page on tuesday.

Previous pages neatly indexed here, or you can use the brand spanking new "cuba" tag on the right too (because "comics" also brings up the 24 hour and hourly comics, and that totally confuses my poor little sequential brain).

Also I now have a tumblr. I don't know what to do with it yet because tumblr is scary and confusing, but I'll probably put up lots of ugly mugs and so on (it's already got an ugly tyrion and a glorious Mad Dog).

Thursday, March 22, 2012

film stuff


These are a bunch of concept thingies for a sequence in the film that I have to re-work because I had a neat idea that requires me to redo my animatic to check if it works (and I despise making animatics almost as much as I hate pigeons). I'm just putting these up because they're fun to do, and they look sort of neat as far as scribbly-mechanical-doodads-that-make-no-sense go (yes, that's the technical term).
It's probably going to end up a pain to animate what I have in mind, but at least I'll get to draw a million pipe looking thingies. Plus I don't know if it works yet (but the magic eightball says Outlook Good, and the magic eightball never lies).

Also I think this sequence adds like forty seconds of animation. If anyone needs me, I'll just be over here weeping silently.

Friday, March 16, 2012

sketch carnival round-up 9

Nine weeks.
That's one less than ten weeks, and ten weeks is significant because it's two digits, and thus the limit of my counting ability.

Beer break. It's hard work, having such a nice mustache.

Psiking. That doesn't stand for king of psychologists, although I suppose it might.

Pump tower or something. It definitely towers, and it most likely pumps. I think.

Lost. In ze swamp. The tentacly eyeball monster is totally offering directions, but you know men and asking for directions.

Do not talk to the giant head. Do not look at the giant head. I mean, you can, but it doesn't care. At all. You'd think it would be a little more excited to have an astronaut sitting next to it, but the head's like "pssssht, naw" Way too cool to care, that giant head.

On customs forms, that gun is classified as a mechanical back scratcher. The fact that it can scratch backs from a mile away is a mere technicality.

This is what the roomba of the future will look like.

I thought that since there were six last week, there would be eight this week. Clearly I do not understand how to shuffle a schedule.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lucha! part dos

Well now, this happened later than expected.
But it happened.
Volume is again one of those things that may either not be heard at all, or be so loud that the soundwaves will travel through time and cause dinosaurs to go deaf (which is probably why they didn't hear that meteor).

Click here to watch in 720p

This should have been done maybe three weeks ago, but I had a couple of serious screw-ups in the animation and then general stubbornness in the face of common sense. It involves bad perspective on a couple of keyframes, which I didn't notice for a long time because I am perspective-challenged (and I learned that I should leave the MacGyvering to actual MacGyver), and then a boneheaded refusal to stop trying to make Particle World work properly. I think I wasted nearly a week fiddling with that thing, and all I have gained from it is more gray hair, carpal tunnel, and a phobia of yellow dots. See, the problem with having no strict deadlines is that you have more time for stupid.

Sound credits and thanks from the vimeo page:

Thanks to Samantha, Francis and Chris for the feedback, and Eric and Kyler for answering my stupid After Effects questions without breaking into hysterical laughter.

Sound effects from the following fabulous people on freesound who are the fabulousest of the fabulous for making neat sound effects: nextmaking, benboncan, meatball4u, srehpog, robinhood76, j1987, thatjeffcarter, dobroide, alienistcog, zimbot, freqman and jswonger.
I don't think I missed anyone, but if you hear a sound that's yours, let me know, and I will list you here and maybe send you a complimentary taco.

I'll also throw in this bit while we're at it.
Set it to loop and give yourself a nice Mexican seizure.

Friday, March 9, 2012

sketch carnival round-up 8

Ey wot. It's a day early because there is a bird staring at me on the fire escape, and that seems like a good enough reason to switch things up.

Also I discovered you could do this, which is the most amazing thing since the discovery of the glorious Croissant.
On the right, regular markerness. On the left, smudgy markerness. It is most awesome.

So this week there are only six, except that with the image above there are still seven because less than seven would screw up the ritual and summon forth an eldritch horror composed entirely of paperclips, and since the mayans said that would only happen in december, we can't really have that right now.

This guy probably uses up a lot of eye drops, what with driving a desert buggy with his giant unprotected eyeball. He should invest in goggles (monoggles?) or something.


A speshman, on his way to spesh.

The most crooked of robots. This is what happens when people who can't measure things build robots.

Brain crab. BRAIN CRAB.

Robe dude. Sadly this was made before I discovered the gloriousness of the white markers. Also before I had my morning coffee, which resulted in horribleness. It's okay, he's got that giant floating head to share his misery.

And that's week eight.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

sketch carnival round-up 7

See, back on track.

I've played a lot of Binding of Isaac this week, in between bouts of shouting at TVpaint and After Effects. I'd say I struck the perfect balance of shouting and playing Isaac (it certainly makes the shouting more creative, what with the horrible grossness of the game).

The last Isaac. It's a pretty messed up game. This is what he looked like on the last play through.

... and the one before that...

... and the one before that. This game is all ponies and rainbows, where the rainbows are made of razor blades and the ponies were crying blood as they get eviscerated by the rainbow, who proceeds to parade around wrapped in a coat of fresh bloody pony skins and tears. Play Binding of Isaac. It is seriously the happiest game in existence (I'm sure Ed Gein would think so).

Aaaaaanyway, here's something with less grossness and more awesomeness.

That stick is actually the world's most inconvenient lighter. Ah, the sacrifices we make to look cool.


The song You, Me and the Boatman came on.
Hur hur.

So, week seven.
You know, I just realized, actually biting dust probably pretty tough.