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Friday, September 2, 2011

Robut night

The night of the robut.
Well technically of the one robut and the other two robut looking shippy ship ships.
The point is they are metal.
Not like headbanging metal though, the material. I don't think you can headbang if you have no neck.

I got annoyed with this one after a while because I made it too small which made it a pain in the ass to detail with the brush I like (and switching brushes is IMPOSSIBLE. It's like terrorism, once you give in, THEY WIN. Those filthy brushes).

It's kind of hard to define shapes when you don't know what the shapes are. But goddamnit, I did it anyway (just don't look too close).

Clouds are the best.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rocks, Death, Schwarzenegger and Naked Ladies.

It appears I have not posted anything but comics on this here blog.
THIS IS NOT A COMICS BLOG. THIS IS A BLOG BLOG. It contains many things which are not comics. Want proof? Here's proof. Proof in your face.




(press face against monitor for the full effect)

Half of this is on deviant art, half of it isn't. Which is where? You may never know, for my ways are mysterious and I am counting on you to have the attention span of an ADD goldfish.

FACES! A very secksy mans who was a pain in the ass to paint. Also, AHNOLD!

Rocks! And things that may or may not be trees!

DEATH! But no pale horse because, man, screw horses.

Naked Ladies! I'm not sure what the policy is on naked ladies on bloggy things, but I have seen other people with more nakedness so I WILL TAKE THAT CHANCE. FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO BE NEKKID ON THE INTERWEB. CAPS CAPS CAPS CAPS.

I rock at titles.
That was possibly the most accurate post title ever conceived.
I should get a prize.