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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

page 18

It appears that I completely forgot to post this one.

This is the last page in the current bit. There are more coming, but you'll only see those when the website is ready, or sooner if you are involved in a tragic time travel incident that shoots you into the future. You'll have just enough time to read it before you shoot right past it and into the terrible future where mankind is ruled by sentient q-tips.

While you are time traveling, you may run across this brand spanking new (or ancient depending on which side of the time stream you are shooting past) comic index page, which should be made redundant once our code wizarding is done. So if you somehow forgot what led to this page, you should click that thing. I'm not sure how you would have forgotten because you all should have a shrine made of comics to worship every morning by now, but I have to account for the possibility that some of those shrines would burst into flames due to awesome overload (especially if you have a framed picture of me next to it, that's just asking for an inferno of awesome to erupt in your closet).