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Friday, March 15, 2013

Sketch round-up 21 (and assorted Trogdor)

Ho there! Behold random sketches!
It has just dawned on me that greeting people with "ho there!" would probably cause a lot of confusion in this day and age. I guess I'll stick to shouting "Oi!" and ninja nods. Until we screw those up too.

Here is my burly arm reference for Trogdor. As you'll see in the next picture, I decided to increase the veiny grossness by 26.3%
Also, cartoon swearing. It makes me sad that no one cartoon swears these days.

See? Exactly 26.3% more veins.

Look at that dragin. Such a happy dragin.

I drew these on the back of some tax papers. Yeah. I think I need a separate office completely devoid of any sort of pen to handle paperwork, otherwise this happens. Maybe I can deduct the drawings? That's how taxes work right?

Some sketches of Captain Narwhal. He is the best.

I was trying to make some sweet fan art of Captain Narwhal, but for some reason all the ink I have is grey now. Also the drawing sucks, but I'm going to blame the ink for that too (seriously, it's like he's about to hook off his own testicles). In fact I'm going to start blaming ink for everything.

Expect more Captain Narwhal in the future, because goddamn, his name is Captain freaking Narwhal and he's got a raygun and a sweet beard (which is the ultimate combo). The hook is just bonus.