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Sunday, February 3, 2013

sketch round-up 19

Sketching has been happening once more. Things are slowly winding down so I have time to sketchify thing. Eventually things will wind down so much, I will stop moving and remain frozen in place until the universe ends. I just hope it happens while I'm doing something cool and not halfway through putting on my pants or something.

Anyway, drawings and things (and by things I mean drawings because redundancy is KING):

I was watching spartacus. I'm surprised I ended up with no violence or boobs. I think I may be watching it wrong.

A fat astronaut. In the biz, we call them the fatstronauts.

Robut eye and tiny t-rex. THEY FIGHT CRIME.

Apparently people don't think "fistopus" is a good name. I can't imagine why.



Weekly roundups may actually resume. Until I figure out some other way to not have any free time, which probably won't take very long.

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