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Sunday, August 12, 2012

sketch round-up 17

Yes yes, sketching still happens in between animating and pulling my hair out.
These are from an idea I had forever ago about wizards. Why? Because wizards (I think "because X" is my reasoning for pretty much everything).
So if I recall correctly, in this one there were wizards doing BATTLE (because what else would wizards do, come on), and then there was an apprentice wizard who did some magicky thingie and ended up with super soldier future people up in her grill. Hijinks ensued, and somehow it ended up with wizards with guns fighting future people with pointy sticks (which I didn't have time to sketch this week, but I promise there will be wizards with guns next week).


Apprentice WIZARD

pew pew pew

Then FUTURE PEOPLE who end up getting scruffier and scruffier until they turn into wizard fighting barbarians. So really it's like Outlander with less aliens and more wizards.

There was also some sort of rock monster involved, but my sketching time is limited these days and I have no time for rock monsters when there are wizards to be done.

Next week, on Velociraptor Love Tabasco: Wizards. WITH GUNS.

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