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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

the machine

Goodness me, there hasn't been much here lately.
As you have probably noticed, the daily sketching has failed miserably at thirteen weeks. It's a very appropriate number to fail miserably at, I find.
But instead of sketches, there's this!

Like it says on the vimeo page (which you should probably go to if you want to see it in 720p. Which you do. Because dude, seriously, why would you not, it's got like seven hundred of those p things), I was trying to do this all with cut-out animation and as fast as possible. Actual working time was seven days including sound (but not rendering), so I think it was alright, but the world conspired to keep me from finishing quickly. [SKIP THE NEXT PARAGRAPH TO GO TO THINGS THAT AREN'T RAMBLING. WHICH ISN'T A LOT OF THINGS WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT IT. HELL, EVEN THIS WARNING ABOUT RAMBLING IS RAMBLING ON. I THINK I HAVE A RAMBLING PROBLEM]

First it was really sunny outside, which means I have to run to the sun (I am part moth), then I got horrendously drunk because I couldn't reach the sun, then there was a day of wishing I hadn't been horrendously drunk, then I had to move things down the world's longest hallway, then I lost all the skin on my fingers (which now that I think about it was probably a good time to commit crimes), then I had to go do my amazing civic duties to prevent napoleon from being president again (now we have a man that looks like a melted wax statue. Win?), then there was a lot of back and forth at a consulate because one of my photos was two whole millimeters too small (got to keep those millimeters in check man), and then when I finally got around to rendering the bloody thing it turns out that having a lot of pre-comps makes rendering times insane. It took one day for the first render, half a day to pull out all my hair because I screwed up the settings and then another full day with the final render. But now it's done, and I still have some hair left.

Anyway, enough rambling (!), have some delicious production details (I jest. They are not delicious. Please do not bite your screen).

Here's the puppet I made for this, in it's terrible ugly glory. The face is basically all masks except for the nose and ears. It looks just like the character from the other film I'm working on because I needed something simple for this, and I was trying to go fast, so I didn't want to spend time designing another character (plus I think at this point I can't draw anything else)

The hand is also just a bunch of masks. There are probably better ways of doing it, but I figured since I'm experimenting with this I might as well try something strange. It worked out ok I guess.

Here's the process for the machine. The design of it was probably what took the longest. On the left is the more final sketch (the early sketches look just like blotches), then the clean-up, and then a layout of all the moving parts sort of where they should be. Making machines is fun times.
The machinery shots are basically just that one machine flipped around or masked to connect sort of properly (I put cogs wherever I couldn't make it match, hur hur).

The background I'm pretty pleased with because I had no idea what I was going to do with it when I started, and then I somehow ended up with something that worked. It started out with these pillars, which I arranged into two pre-comps (because I hate having a bajillion 3d layers floating around).

They're kind of rough because I just had a proof of concept sketch that I applied a blur to, and since most of the detail got lost with the blur and the distance, I didn't really spend a lot of time detailing this (plus I was trying to go fast and I got lazy, bloops)

With the blur and some feathered out solids in various layer modes, I ended up with this:

At this point, you may notice that things are green and gross. That is because things were in fact green and gross. I wasn't sure about the colors, especially on the puppet, so I sent this picture to Sam, who in her Great Wisdom (tm) declared that the dude looked sickly and gross what with that green face of his.

Finally after cursing my horrible color sense, I tried out a bunch of post process effects and ended up with the final product which looks neither sickly (I hope) nor green, but for some reason reminds me of waffles. Yeah, I don't know. I haven't had waffles in forever, it might just be that I don't know what they're like anymore.

And that is one very long post.
I was going to end it with "and that's how the cookie crumbles" but that just makes me crave some cookies. Good thing I didn't, because otherwise I'd totally be having cookies for dinner, which is pretty terrible.
Not as bad as having cookies for lunch though.
Not sure why. Maybe lunch is holier?

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  1. wicked thanks for breaking down your process. the animation looks great!congrats