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Friday, March 30, 2012

sketch round-up 11

The carnival is dead. Long live the carnival. Except the creepy carnival clown, there's always one and it freaks me right the hell out.
The daily sketching mediocrity now goes on my tumblr. Whoa "my tumblr" sounds like some kind of disease. Or possibly some type of eastern european pastry. Hmmmm pastry.

In no particular order, here is last week. Actually there is a particular order, which is the order I just made up. It is very particular, just not very ordered.

I had been whistling Johnny We Hardly Knew Ya for like twenty minutes, then I looked down and this was drawn on my sketchbook. I also received a mysterious email by a man named Johnny, but I hardly knew him so I didn't read it.


Badassterix and... uh... Yeah I can't think of a pun for Obelix. That's alright, puns are the devil's work (I have to do like a billion hail marys for that first one).

Space captain hair. All space captain have hair like that. It's the rigorous training that does it. Also space hair gel.


Lady with strange footwear. Strange regular wear too. In fact strange everything. Strange strange strange. It's a cool word.

Hungry robut. He's hungry because he's got teeth. That's how you can tell something is hungry. Well known fact.

And that's week eleven.
Oh my.

Keen readers (all two of you) may have noticed that I said there would be a new comic page up on tuesday and there isn't. By now you should know that I lie ALL THE TIME. But also, I am doing a run of the comics on the tumblr three times a week, and there will not be new pages until it is caught up. YES. BLAME SOCIAL MEDIA.

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