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Friday, March 9, 2012

sketch carnival round-up 8

Ey wot. It's a day early because there is a bird staring at me on the fire escape, and that seems like a good enough reason to switch things up.

Also I discovered you could do this, which is the most amazing thing since the discovery of the glorious Croissant.
On the right, regular markerness. On the left, smudgy markerness. It is most awesome.

So this week there are only six, except that with the image above there are still seven because less than seven would screw up the ritual and summon forth an eldritch horror composed entirely of paperclips, and since the mayans said that would only happen in december, we can't really have that right now.

This guy probably uses up a lot of eye drops, what with driving a desert buggy with his giant unprotected eyeball. He should invest in goggles (monoggles?) or something.


A speshman, on his way to spesh.

The most crooked of robots. This is what happens when people who can't measure things build robots.

Brain crab. BRAIN CRAB.

Robe dude. Sadly this was made before I discovered the gloriousness of the white markers. Also before I had my morning coffee, which resulted in horribleness. It's okay, he's got that giant floating head to share his misery.

And that's week eight.

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