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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lucha! part dos

Well now, this happened later than expected.
But it happened.
Volume is again one of those things that may either not be heard at all, or be so loud that the soundwaves will travel through time and cause dinosaurs to go deaf (which is probably why they didn't hear that meteor).

Click here to watch in 720p

This should have been done maybe three weeks ago, but I had a couple of serious screw-ups in the animation and then general stubbornness in the face of common sense. It involves bad perspective on a couple of keyframes, which I didn't notice for a long time because I am perspective-challenged (and I learned that I should leave the MacGyvering to actual MacGyver), and then a boneheaded refusal to stop trying to make Particle World work properly. I think I wasted nearly a week fiddling with that thing, and all I have gained from it is more gray hair, carpal tunnel, and a phobia of yellow dots. See, the problem with having no strict deadlines is that you have more time for stupid.

Sound credits and thanks from the vimeo page:

Thanks to Samantha, Francis and Chris for the feedback, and Eric and Kyler for answering my stupid After Effects questions without breaking into hysterical laughter.

Sound effects from the following fabulous people on freesound who are the fabulousest of the fabulous for making neat sound effects: nextmaking, benboncan, meatball4u, srehpog, robinhood76, j1987, thatjeffcarter, dobroide, alienistcog, zimbot, freqman and jswonger.
I don't think I missed anyone, but if you hear a sound that's yours, let me know, and I will list you here and maybe send you a complimentary taco.

I'll also throw in this bit while we're at it.
Set it to loop and give yourself a nice Mexican seizure.


  1. :)
    Which program are you using for these animations?

    1. Whoa, super late reply (sry).

      TVPaint for the actual animating, After Effects for compositing. There's no fancy compositing effects, but in this one the cart is made entirely with After Effects because I screwed up the perspective.