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Saturday, February 11, 2012

sketch carnival round-up 4

Four weeks in a row (okay, I was late for a couple of days because it's been a busy week, but nobody noticed until I said it just now and LOOK A LIGER. You didn't fall for that did you? Dang. I'm sure someone out there is reading this in the jungle though, and I totally just saved him from being eaten by a liger, which is the most karmic way to start the weekend).
Oh man.
It truly is the end times.

Brawler McBrawlington. He is also very cool because he smokes, which is totally the coolest thing anyone can do ever.

Lucha! I had to figure out a totally sweet move for the next lucha short and this is one of those glorious sketches.

Thorsday. Another tiny tiny thorsday.

He's cool cos he's got a cape. If he started smoking, he'd just spontaneously combust from coolness.


Pilot martini or something.

Running spesh marine. He's probably going to fetch a chainsaw or something.

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  1. Veeeeery nice. Likey. Except the smoking. If you continue to use this blog to popularize misinformation about cancer sticks, I will personally Lucha you into a vat of rabid pigeons.