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Saturday, February 4, 2012

sketch carnival round-up 3

Oh man, three weeks in a row.
Soon the ancient gypsy curse will strike though, and there will be no more sketches. Also my fingers will turn into tiny spatulas, but that's not the scary part (you can macgyver a lot with ten tiny spatulas at your disposal).

A pilot or something. Obviously cool because he smokes.

Mummy and ghost belayer. Probably not very efficient at belaying. Might be why they're both undead (or maybe the mummy is just a regular dude that keeps getting scratched on the wall, that's also a perfectly valid explanation).

There is such a thing as a tiny person, but no such thing as a tiny viking. They just compensate in other ways.

It's a car. It's a boat. It's not a sandwich. But it might be a boatcar. Or a carboat.

Not wolverine. Nope. Just a fat dude.

Another fat dude. Totally jealous of that other fat dude's hair. And pants. He wishes he had pants.

Space burglars.



    Now, what is a belayer?

  2. J'aime beaucoup le "fat dude"...