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Saturday, January 28, 2012

sketch carnival round-up 2

Including the most amazing thing I have ever, and will ever draw. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you,


Oh, there's also some other drawings, but really, after the skullcycle I think I'm done with art. Maybe I'll go into carpentry or something.
You should go look at the sketchbook carnival more. It has things in it, including the glorious skullcycle. You can never get too much skullcycle.

Lot of skull this week. This makes it a much better week than other less skullful weeks. Yes that is a word.

skullful /ˈskəlfəl/
Adjective: Full of skull.




Skeletal thorsday!

Going to the sword and dagger party!

A hastily made point about megaman!

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