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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

film visual test

Oh my.
Here's the visual test for the film I am working on right now.

This took way longer than it should have because I couldn't decide what the backgrounds should look like, and also because I hate perspective oh so much (and it's only one point here... There's a few two point shots that will probably end in blood). I'm also not sure how much detail I should be putting into these backgrounds. I'm aiming for 1080p and working at about twice that, and I don't know when I should stop detailing things way way in the background.
5till, it's pretty close to what I have in mind, although I might get rid of the fog if I can't figure out how to polish it up some more; it's kind of hard since it does unspeakable things to my computer every time I try to work on it.
The textures will probably be tweaked some as well, but they're getting there already. Some animation bits in these shots will probably also get some changes now that I've figured out some more stuff with TVpaint. That second shot goes horribly off model (hey, digital is tuff with a tablet), but I did some experiments with some cut out animation and a combination of both could work pretty well. I might post the (terribly overanimated) test later.
The light in the tunnel is kind of tricky because again, my computer dies whenever I try to work on it, and there's a few shots where I want it to be really far away so any detail that goes into it gets totally lost (it looks pretty cool when I push it to the front though, so that's nice).

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