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Saturday, May 21, 2011

24 hour comics 2011

So apparently this thing started at 14h in brussels... Which is I don't know what time, but definitely nowhere near the time I woke up at.

I'm still trying it on my own 24h schedule though. Right now, 12 hours to go, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to fail miserably, but DOG GONE IT, I AM GOING OUT SWINGIN

The topic was this huge block of text.

“Whether there be any such moral principles, wherein all men do agree, I appeal to any who have been but moderately conversant in the history of mankind, and looked abroad beyond the smoke of their own chimneys. Where is that practical truth that is universally received, without doubt or question, as it must be if innate? JUSTICE, and keeping of contracts, is that which most men seem to agree in. This is a principle which is thought to extend itself to the dens of thieves, and the confederacies of the greatest villains; and they who have gone furthest towards the putting off of humanity itself, keep faith and rules of justice one with another. I grant that outlaws themselves do this one amongst another: but it is without receiving these as the innate laws of nature. They practise them as rules of convenience within their own communities: but it is impossible to conceive that he embraces justice as a practical principle who acts fairly with his fellow-highwayman, and at the same time plunders or kills the next honest man he meets with Justice and truth are the common ties of society; and therefore even outlaws and robbers, who break with all the world besides, must keep faith and rules of equity amongst themselves; or else they cannot hold together. But will any one say, that those that live by fraud or rapine have innate principles of truth and justice which they allow and assent to?”

John Locke, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding (1690)

24 pages out of that in 24 hours.

So I give you, the first four pages of... JOHN LOCKE: UNIVERSAL JUSTICAR.

Hey, technically, I am totally on topic.

Man, it's going to be a loooooooooong night.

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