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Thursday, May 26, 2011

24 hour comic 2011 - THE END

There, done.
Yes, I half assed it the whole way like you're supposed to for 24 hour comics. It's in the rules, if it doesn't look half assed you are disqualified and a company man shows up at your house and shoots your dog.
I am still disqualified for not finishing on time, but I don't want him to shoot my dog.
Wait, I have no dog.
He would probably still shoot something though.

Drinking game: Take a shot every time Trut and Just switch hands. Better try it with some absinthe or something, because it doesn't add up to that many shots.

"but that's only 23 pages!" I hear you say. Well, no, I don't hear you say that, because if I did hear you say that, I would punch you in the spleen (through your monitor - I'm awesome like that). However, the spleen punchees would be correct, there are only 23 pages. The 24th is supposed to be the cover, but I really can't be arsed (technically you're only supposed to have 22 content pages, the other two being cover and back cover, so instead of a cover you get ONE EXTRA PAGE).

I'll put the whole thing up on deviant art so it can be read in order without having to go through all the blog posts.
Watch this space.


Now you can read with the arrow keys. Aaaaaaaw yeah. We rollin.

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