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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Aaaaaand, it's back

I made it to 18 drawings before failing miserably.
Let's never speak of it again.

Here, have a man with a conspicuous bag, which may or may not be phallic (it's a free country, you get to choose. Unless you're a commie, then I guess the party probably thinks it's pretty phallic).
Blame Cameron.

I'll probably fail utterly once more, but let's try that daily post deal again. I guess I should be posting more crap I'm working on. It really is mostly crap though. Your eyes will bleed. Your nose will bleed. Your soul will bleed, and it doesn't even have blood. Then your blood will bleed some more.
But hey, that's the cost of living in THE 21st CENTURY. THE AGE OF TEH INTERNETS. You get to see me post bad drawings and ramble on FOREVER.
Well, I'm actually done rambling right now, but if I die and come back as a ghost, I would so ramble for the rest of eternity. That's right, my ghost will haunt the goddamned blog. I'm putting a patent on that by the way, so any of you emo jerks out there about to slit your wrists and blog about it from the grave, don't even think about it. Feel free to still slit your wrists though, it's only the haunting bit I'm objecting to.
Oh man, I've done it again, more rambling. Now imagine this going on forever. That's right, people better get cracking on some immortality elixir, because when I die, it's going to be this crap 24/7. I don't think you gots what it takes to handle that fact.



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